Healthy Eating Habits Websites

Websites with Resources and Recipes for Promoting Healthy Eating Habits


The Snack Epidemic

How Much Does My Kid Need to Eat?


Pasta Dish Children Love

Easy School Lunch Ideas

Mom’s Who Think-Kid’sRecipes A to Z

Food and Nutrition Fun for Preschoolers

Parent Tips for Getting Kids in the Kitchen

Play With Your Food! 50 Fun Ways To Feed Your Kids

Mister Rogers’ Recipes

Healthy Banana “Ice Cream”

35 Best Foods to Stock in Your Fridge and Pantry

8 Healthy Lunches

8 Power Snacks

Let’s Cook with Kids (Recipes in English and Spanish)

Kids Can Cook and Learning is the Secret Ingredient

10 Best Travel Snacks for Kids

Smart Snacks for Kids

Heavenly Homemade Poptarts–

Crazy For Crust-Banana Breakfast Cookies

Developing Healthy Eating Habits:

A Guide to Healthy Eating

Kid’s Health-Go, Slow, and Whoa! A Kid’s Guide to Eating Right

Food Guide Pyramid Becomes a Plate

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution-Tips for Healthy Living

U.S. Dept. of Agriculture-Food and Nutrition Resources

Food and Nutrition Fun for Preschoolers-books, materials and websites to develop food and nutrition awareness in young children

Michigan Nutrition Team Preschool Booklist-extensive list of children’s books to:
• Create enthusiasm for learning about and tasting new foods;
• Teach children about the food, food customs, and physical activity habits of others;
• Motivate children to be physically active and to enjoy physical activity;
• Nurture healthy habits, while at the same time help children develop beginning literacy skills.

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